You are lucky if you are a student.

Are you an active student? If so, then you are lucky. Now you can get lots of free resources that you can use as a student to support your online existence. Do not waste your status as a student in this digital era, because there are many benefits that you can get from various online services, especially if you are interested in building a website or even more so, starting a career as a developer. When you become a student at one of the universities, it is not unusual for you to get a typical e-mail with .edu extension. This is your main key to the online resource that we will discuss. You can get a free domain, free email delivery services, free online courses, and others.

Free domain for a year from NameCheap (.me)

You can get a free domain with the .me extension for 1 year full from namecheap. You only need to register yourself and the domain you want on the website then your domain will be active immediately. This domain you can use for blogger, wordpress, or you register to a hosting service to start building websites independently.

Free AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Like Google Cloud, AWS provides many services that can support you in a career such as providing a Virtual Machine that you can use to create a Website. To get this, you can go to the website for registration and more information.

Github Student Developer Pack

You can get a variety of free and discounted services when you register as a Github Student user. You can get $ 50 credit for Digital Ocean, SSL Free from Comodo, sendgrid accounts that provide free smtp accounts with a limit of 15000 emails / month, and much more. Please register by visiting the link These are a small part of your profits as students in this digital era. Don’t waste this opportunity as long as you are still a student.

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