Launching Website CRM Awan Studio

There is a little good news from us. We have just launched a CRM website from Perfex CRM where our website will be used for project management, billing, and other features. Every time you have a project with us, you will have an account to see all the progress we have made, arrange your payments, view schedules, and other updates related to the project being worked on.

Quoted from, CRM is a new approach in managing corporate relationships with customers at the business level so that it can maximize communication and marketing through managing different contacts. This approach makes it possible to retain customers and provide continuous added value to customers.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) combines policies, processes, and strategies that are implemented by the company into a single entity that is used to interact with customers and also to trace customer information. At present, CRM implementation almost always uses information technology to attract profitable new customers, so they have an attachment to the company.

With all of this, it is expected to facilitate interaction between us and our clients in the future.

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